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aboutUsMII was blessed with the handy capability of carving out tiny bits of reality to prop up my spiritual being and using them to create a new space and a new way of presenting and offering them to others.

I value this mechanism as a means of spiritual healing, building a universal space of image, with no specific connotation of a given site or geographic area. Each viewer can thus unearth himself in it and overlap his own identity with it to achieve the feeling of a “sweet home”.

The fragments of beauty that have impressed me and have blended into my perception of the world create a chromatic comfort, with ideas and images beneficial to the viewers’ spirit, who live a rushed hectic pace in these times of haste, demanding goals, technical ideals, and computer drive, in which the force and the speed of information oblige us to undertake a rushed rhythm, sometimes stressing us.

I stand by my belief that life’s dynamics arouse the need for a perpetual modification of the information the world presents to us thanks to its cosmic generosity.

The image that the artist submits as an alternate perception of the world from within the peaceful boundaries of the workshop stands for the artist’s credo and life style. The life, your life, my life, The Life with all its needs, pains and splendors that I feel.

I feel life just as it is.

aboutUsMIbioBorn in 1953 in Leordeni Arges

Studied at “Nicolae Tonitza” High School of Art, Bucharest

Studied art and history of arts at “Nicolae Grigorescu Institute of History and Theory of Art”

Bachelor in Arts (1977) and MSc. (1978) at Bucharest University

Owner of the art gallery “Galeria 15 – Art Shop” since 1996

She lives and works in Bucharest

Personal Exhibitions

aboutUsMIexp1993: Romanian Landscapes - The Pavilion of Italy at the Bucharest International Fair

1994: Harmony and Color - The Consulate of the United States of America, Bucharest

1995: Portraits of Children - Ion Creanga Theatre, Bucharest

1996: Sentimental Incursion - Ion Creanga Theatre, Bucharest

1996: Emotions - The Embassy of the United Kingdom, Bucharest

1997: Romanian Interferences - The Consulate of the United States of America, Bucharest

1998: Colour - The Embassy of the United Kingdom, Bucharest

2001: Inspiration between Art and Music - Barge Music, Brooklyn, New York

2003: Revelations - The Art and Creation Salon, Geneve, Switzerland

2003: Inspiration - The UN Palace, Geneve, Switzerland

2004: Painting at Athenee Wine Club, Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest

2004: Meditation - Bucharest Financial Plazza, Bucharest

Group Exhibitions

aboutUsMIexg1985: “Still Life and Flowers“, Spring Exhibition, Bucharest

1986: “Portraits“, Autumn Exhibition Herastrau, Bucharest

1986: “Specific Colors of Romanian Landscapes“, Autumn Exhibition Herastrau, Bucharest

2004: “Denise” The first of the 100 fiberglass cows from CowParade Bucharest 2005

2013: ” Class 1972″ – Brancusi hall – Romanian Parliament House

aboutUsMIevents2003, april, Geneve: W.I.P.O.: World Intellectual Property Organization – “The Protection of the Intellectual Property” Meeting

2003, april, Geneve: Concours du Crea d’Or – the 3-rd Salon Arts and creation

2003, september, Geneve: “La femme – Eternellement temeraire / The Woman Daring Forever“, donation of the painting to the United Nations Office at Geneve

2003, november, Geneve: “The Artist of the Month” Diva’ Choice Diva - Geneve’s living magazine for the international community, the november edition

aboutUsMIcritIt is a painting of emotion spontaneously revealed, which irrepressibly imposes itself, requiring the active participation of the beholder.
Nicolae Neacsu, 2003

Mariana Ioanitescu’s painting proposes a visual discourse which has as a starting point the world of privacy and intimacy, filtered by a noble imagination, which aspires to communication with – and on behalf of – the universal harmony.
Virginia Barbu, 2004

The artist dares without complexes to combine plastic modeling devices and linear contrivances, which results in a surprising combination of styles. Tender, expressive couples, in full movement, driven into a subtle braid of colours, communicate their spontaneous emotion and invite us in their history.
Margareta Stroot, Diva Choice
The Artist of the Month, Diva Magazine, Geneva 2003

Spontaneity brings about the candor and joviality of the one that discovers things that are long-known, but so little lived in a mechanistic society.
Nicolae Neacsu 1996

The esthetic creed of the author is derived from the indisputably pleasant manifestations of this century, and the works may find a suitable place in any house with artistic aspirations.
Darell Rosenbluth
The New York Concert Review, New York, 2001

aboutUsMIpress2005: June “Bussines Magazine“, “Cotidianul

2005: April “Dairy News

2005: March “Dairy News“, “Jurnalul National

2005: January “Dairy News”

2004: December Daily News - Bucharest

2003: November Diva - Geneva, Switzerland

2003: October Natiunea - Geneva, Switzerland

2001: October Cotidianul - Bucharest, Romania

2001: September “The New York Concert Review” – New York

2001: September The New Yorker - New York

2001: August-September Time Out New York - New York

1997: June-July Dilema - Bucharest Romania

1996: February Expresul de marti - Bucharest Romania